Tarpeia Rocks

They Keep The Pirate

but steal all of his shit

The Gang escapes the Ginger Priest and his Old Man Spider master and escape the town of Vale, which vanishes in a cloud of black smoke. Before leaving, Tamburlaine makes a deal with the Ginger Priest: they can keep Huckleberry, but only if Tamburlaine swears to do a task for the Priest. The deal is struck, and the mark on Huck’s hand is now on Tamburlaine’s.

While at sea, the gang encounter a trio of Dragon Boats at a distance, but convince them that they are carriers of CancerAids, a made-up disease that struck great fear in the hearts of those solid Northmen.

Finally they found a floating market place, and bought a bunch of shit.

Oh, and Templeton stole most of Huck’s shit.

The end…


kevindpercival kevindpercival

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