Tarpeia Rocks

They Fight A Spider
and get in deep shit



But… after the battle the captured Centurion reports them to the Duke of Aerean. A challenge is thrown down: Tiffany vs. Markus Andalius… a dual to the death!

They Summon A Demon
and lose their pirate...

The gang arrives on a floating pile of boat parts that is being used as a floating bazaar. There they take refuge and try to figure out Tamburlaine’s little curse problem. An attempt, assisted by an unnamed alchemist, to study the material ends up with our party being transported to another plane. They meet a demonic entity, named Shriek, whom they convince to take them to his boss. He says the master (named Lamashtu) is unavailable, but he can take him to speak to The Red Man. They speak to the Ginger Priest through a crystal ball, and he promises that the curse will be lifted if they take it to Arean.


They do! They make a deal with a Drachen Reich raider named Igvar Drakenshnekt and sail upriver toward the city. A Republic checkpoint stops the posse, but they dispatch it readily and capture the leading centurion, Markus Andronicus. Downriver they ride, and reach the beautiful city of Arean. As Igvar disembarked, Tamburlaine passed on the curse, then stabbed him.

Unfortunately he turned into a giant spider and sacked the town.

They Keep The Pirate
but steal all of his shit

The Gang escapes the Ginger Priest and his Old Man Spider master and escape the town of Vale, which vanishes in a cloud of black smoke. Before leaving, Tamburlaine makes a deal with the Ginger Priest: they can keep Huckleberry, but only if Tamburlaine swears to do a task for the Priest. The deal is struck, and the mark on Huck’s hand is now on Tamburlaine’s.

While at sea, the gang encounter a trio of Dragon Boats at a distance, but convince them that they are carriers of CancerAids, a made-up disease that struck great fear in the hearts of those solid Northmen.

Finally they found a floating market place, and bought a bunch of shit.

Oh, and Templeton stole most of Huck’s shit.

The end…

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